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The first point is to learn how to train: Aspiring players will learn the basics and rules of electronic sports.
He will be introduced to FIFA EA sports training and will be offered an introduction to several aspects related to healthy lifestyle habits, cybersensitization and the safe practice of video games.

The second point is to training: This step represent the initiation to the competition for the player. He will participate in his first internal competitions. He will use and perfect the general training he received in the first step. The prevention and healthy lifestyle program will be maintained and completed.

The third point is to train for competition: At this stage the player will train specifically for a highly competitive FIFA EA sports title in order to achieve the best performance on the competitive electronic sports scene.

Sir Alex
eSport instructor

Ex-Manchester City eSport
Pro Coach


To prevent deficiences in the application of healthy lifestyle habits: sedentarity lifestyle, poor nutrition, lack of supervision in the execution of the game and in time management, circumstances promoting interpersonal difficulties, isolation…
It is essential to mentor and train our students in this component to prepare them to become exemplary young adults especially for young cyber-athletes in the making.
Based on the principle of transfer of learning, this leads to a gradual increase in performance during the game and therefore, chances of success in achieving a great level.

eSport instructor

ex Manchester City eSport
Pro Player

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